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Topic Hiking: Košice - Telgart Hello! In summmer I want to hiking from Košice to Telgart. Last year I hiked from Kremnice to Telgart. One gay on the path told me that track from Telgart to Košice was not possible because trees on the path. Is track good now? Thank you for your answer. Best regards Janez Cernilec 03/04/16 created by jcerni number of reactions 3 last 03/04/16
Topic Hiking along Velka Fatra and Nizke Tatry What happened on the hiking along Velka Fatra and Nizke Tatry can you read on the website: http://lebinca.com/nizke_tatre 17/07/15 created by jcerni number of reactions 1 last 17/07/15
Topic Chata Brezinky Hello, I want to hike along e8 Slovakia. I don't find data about Chata Brezinky (http://www.galeriaslovakia.sk/Upload/Image/Galeria/385/2672B.jpg). Do you have any inforamtion about this hut: Is it open etc. 30/06/15 created by jcerni number of reactions 3 last 01/07/15
Topic High Tatras with children Hello, Me, my wife and two children (8 and 6 years old) are planning a four-day hike in the high Tatras at the end of July. Our plan for the first day was to go from Skalnate Pleso over Velka Svistovka to Zelenom Plese. But I'm worried for the descent where I read you have to slide down and hold on to chains. Does anyone have advice whether this hike is suitable with children or not? (We would then continue down to chata Plesnivek and Tatranska Kotlina which I think are much easier tracks.) Another option is to hike to Zamkovskeho chata (first day) and then up to Teryho chata (second day). That's a short distance, but again, I wonder if the final climb to Teryho might be too tough for the children. On flat ground they can easily walk 6 km. Thanks for any suggestions! 21/06/15 created by Pär Söderhjelm number of reactions 3 last 03/08/15
Topic lost camera Batizovske Pleso canon A510 in black Lowe cover with white stripe. please send sms to Krzysiek: +48 516 834 354 25/08/13 created by kaawon number of reactions 0 last 25/08/13
Topic Hotel/pension at Dukliansky Priesmyk? what is the nearest hotel / pension / bed & breakfast just before, at, or after passing Dukliansky Priesmyk, on the way from Svidnik to Barwinek? Thanks! 20/03/13 created by Jan Schellekens number of reactions 2 last 22/03/13
Topic 3 days in Tatry in October Dobry Den! We are two friends who want to visit Vysoke Tatry for 3 days from 14 October (next week). We are dreaming of simply walking for 3 days from "Chata to Chata". We are not mountain climbers but can certainly walk for the whole day. Would you be able to suggest such trails? Thanks in advance! Tommy 10/10/12 created by tommyq number of reactions 5 last 14/10/12
Topic Need advice Need advice my girlfriend and I are planning to spend a few days in Slovakia at the beginning of June and we would like to spend time enjoying the nature that Slovakia offers. Therefore, I need advice about which area we should choose. We are intrested in easy hiks through the woods (my girlfriend is not ready for demanding tours so I am not sure if the High Tatras would be good choice) At the moment we have only one advice about Tremčinske Teplice but I am not sure how path and nature look around. Bacause we are traveling by car we would appreciate if you could provide us some information about interesting places in area like old fortress, nice lakes vewpoints... Best regards and thanks 25/05/12 created by hermes4269 number of reactions 5 last 02/06/12
Topic Best hiking trails Hi, I will be driving form Zilina through Liptovski Mikulas to Smokovec on sunday. I looking for a nice trail, where I can spend great sunday. Could you recommend me any which is open during this season, not too crowded, and of course near my way to Smokoviec. Then I will spend in Smokviec next week. Could you recommend anything which is near Smokoviec, not in High Tatras, which are almost all closed ? Or maybe there is anything open in Tatras, where I can go ? 26/04/12 created by tdu number of reactions 13 last 06/06/12
Topic E8: Bratislava - Dukliansky Priesmyk - . . . Since 2005 I am visiting beautifull Slovakia every year to continue my E8 hike (Cesta Hrdinov SNP). It looks like that this year I will make it to the Polish border at the Dukliansky Priesmyk. But how does the trail continue? I have detailed maps of South-East Poland (scale 1:50 000 to 1:100 000) where some hiking trails are drawn but they are not named. As far as I am aware the E8 is supposed to go east/south-east from the Dukla Pass, into the Bieszczadzki National Park, to the village of Ustrzyki Gorne (?). But how does it continue from the Dukla Pass: to the village of Barwinek, or further north to the city of Dukla? And than? Are there signs that show the way? Any information is greatly appreciated! Jan 01/04/12 created by Jan Schellekens number of reactions 1 last 01/04/12
Topic Trekking in Low Tatras in April2012 Hello, I am planning to trek from Telgart to Donovaly along the main ridge in the beginning of April. 1) Would I be able to trek through the main ridge in 5 days given the late winter conditions? 2) How difficult will the terrain be at that time? I will bring my ice axe and crampons. 3) Will the risk of avalanche be relatively low since it is at the end of ski season? 4) What is the temperature range around that time? 5) Will there be other hikers doing this route at that time of the year? I hope to meet and join up with someone there. 5) I hope to stay at the Andrejcova, Ramza, and Durkova shelters, as well as the Chata M.R. Stefanika chalet. Will those be open at the time? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you. 25/01/12 created by beewoo number of reactions 3 last 26/01/12
Topic Belianske Tatry info Hi, Could you give me some information about which are the open hiking routes in Belianske Tatry? (These are the last informations on the next homepage? http://www.beliansketatry.com/en.html ) Thank is advance, Kata 14/06/11 created by kata number of reactions 3 last 15/06/11
Topic camping with my tent Hello! I’m Andreea from Romania and I plan to hike in Tatras with a friend(in July). We want to walk, admire everything, relax and forget society “rules”. I firstly thought I can just go there and camp in woods(of course without making fire), being used to do that in Romanian mountains; but it seems is forbidden? Can please someone help me with this concern? Is it or isn’t it possible to camp in wildness? Thank you very much! 09/06/11 created by Andreea number of reactions 4 last 10/06/11
Topic foreigners wanted Hi, I’m looking for foreigners who are living in the region of Záhorie or who know it to make short interviews with. The interviews will be included in articles promoting Záhorie in the travel guide Spectacular Slovakia published by the newspaper The Slovak Spectator. Should you be interested to take part or should you know anyone who will be willing to, please get in touch with me at jparobekova@gmail.com. I will be very grateful to you! Ahojte, hľadám cudzincov, ktorí žijú na Záhorí, alebo tento región poznajú. Pre turistického sprievodcu Spectacular Slovakia, ktorý vydávajú noviny The Slovak Spctator, pripravujem články o Záhorí a rada by som do nich zahrnula aj názory cudzincov. Ak by ste si našli čas na krátky rozhovor alebo niekoho takého poznáte, prosím kontaktujte ma na adrese jparobekova@gmail.com. Budem vám veľmi vďačná! jitka. 13/03/11 created by j1tka number of reactions 0 last 13/03/11
Topic hiking clubs in Bratislava? Can anyone give me the name of a good hiking club based in Bratislava please? Thanks n 02/09/10 created by hikingkid number of reactions 1 last 02/09/10
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